Talyllyn Control Centre - Online Portal. One Year

Talyllyn Control Centre - Online Portal. One Year Subscription

Driver Experience - Half Day

One return trip at the controls of one of our locos, pulling a rake of carriages (only carrying any of your guests)

Museum Tour with refreshments

If you are looking for a great day out with family and friends or a new location for the next morning and afternoon tea social, Talyllyn Railway is the perfect place to head to.

Talyllyn Virtual Tours

Why not try one of our personal virtual tours, and we will bring the Railway to you. We have something for everyone. Museum tours that include an in depth look at Rev Awdry study or a general tour. Visit Pendre engine sheds for a real behind the scenes look.

Behind The Scenes at Talyllyn

A full Day out on the Talyllyn Experience includes 3 tours, lunch, First class travel and a cream tea.

Recorded Live Stream

Recording of History of Sodor's Railway lecture performed by Tim Dunn.