What's On Thu 13 Jun 2024

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One of Britain's Largest Collection of steam offering visitors a nostalgic look at how the Victorians and Edwardians used steam as an instrument of work and play, and feature a number of popular fairground sideshows of the period.

With steam-driven rides such as the Golden Gallopers, Steam Swingboats and Steam Chair-o-Planes . A trip to Hollycombe offers visitors both nostalgia and a frisson of excitement! After enjoying the rides visitors can sit back and relax in the Bioscope – a pre-cursor to the modern cinema – typical of the travelling shows which first brought film to the public, or reflect on themselves with a walk through an original Hall of Mirrors.

The fun doesn't end there, we invite you to sit back and enjoy a ride on a steam-train on our railways; the Narrow-Gauge Railway taking breath-taking views over the South Downs or our Garden Railway that is nestled between the Fairground and the Woodland Gardens.